Main Topics

The 9th International Workshop on Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits is specifically focused on EMC for integrated circuits. Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics, are welcome:

(a) Measurement and modeling of IC emission and susceptibility
(b) Signal Integrity and Power Integrity on IC and PCB-level
(c) EMC-aware IC Design and guidelines
(d) Tools to handle EMC at IC-level
(e) Computational electromagnetics for IC-level EMC
(f ) EMC issues in System-on-Chip (SoC), System-in-Package (SiP), and 3D ICs
(g) EMC issues in smart power ICs
(h) EMC of ICs in wireless communications
(i ) EMC of ICs for biomedical applications
(j) Materials for improved EMC of ICs
(k) Harsh environment effects on IC-level EMC
(l ) Long-term electromagnetic robustness of ICs
(m) Standards and regulations up to 6 GHz
(n) Modern EMC education on IC-level EMC